5 Tips for being a good mom

We all know the feeling of not being a good mom for your baby, but we never know how to search for a solution. In this blog will I write 5 tips for you to be a great mother! 


1. Knowing what he/she wants:

this might sound a bit cringy but let's be honest. When we look at our pet we all know it wants food or go for a walk, so why is this not possible with a baby? We know our baby so good and yet we don't know what he/she wants. I would recommend to try and look at the reaction the baby gives when you keep a project for her she might want or how she reacts on the words you say. He/she might not be able to respond but they surely can give a reaction! 


2. Give he/she the rest it needs:

This is so obvious but also people don't really think about it. When the baby sleeps and there are visitors it might be better to say to the visitors let's wait until he/she wakes up or please come back later she is sleeping. A baby really needs a lot of sleep and it won't be good for him/her if you wake her up for every visitor! especially in the first months! So please let the baby sleep when he/she is sleeping. It doesn't have to be mean to the visitors they will understand... 

 Happy mother with her child

3. A good mom will sometimes have to be mean: 

The worst part of a father/ mom is that SOMETIMES you have to be mean to your child. It is really not good for your child to always get what he/she wants. Why? because nobody gets that! that is life! and believe me, you can better grow them up with all the knowledge you have that telling them the truth when they are in their puberty... Try things out and let them face difficulties, they will understand in the long run and short term they will stop asking for things they don't get because it is bad for them. 



who doesn't? it's perfect the love of your child. just looking at them makes you so happy you would want to stop time! Well let me tell you this, your child loves you to! they love attention and they surely will know who you are even if they are still very young. It is a win, win, situation and will strengthen the band you already have! Have a great time with your kid as long as they are young :) it will go very fast..


5. Buy them presents: 

Well, this always works. always. it even works for your husband! babies love to try new things out and are willing to learn new things, so try to give them as many gifts possible. The gifts don't have to be of a high price don't get me wrong, just try to buy them gift where they can feel and see things they have never seen before! you might have a look at our website where you can buy a lot of baby products! 



I hope you liked this blog and learned a lot! let me know if this blog helped you as a mom and if you have any tips don't forget them to share down below! you also might want to look at our webshop? hope to see you soon! 

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